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You were born with the tools to keep yourself and your family safe

Welcome everyone to our blog!

This started as a project for friends and family to help them do the little things to protect themselves from the ordinary and not so ordinary threats that we potentially face daily. It is based around the ability to increase situational awareness which can greatly increase your ability to avoid situations that could result in negative situations.

Why do I need this information?

Sadly the world is not getting any safer. Any number of factors could be discussed but simply looking at any media outlet can show you that something as simple as a wrong turn onto the wrong street, being in the wrong neighborhood, a bumper sticker, your gender, political views, location and a myriad of other things both in and out of your control could have serious implications.

On the positive side you are equipped with the skills and ability to help you through this minefield of negative so that your everyday life can be much more stress free and safe.

Sadly you can notice issues ( if you know what you are looking for) everyday as people walk around in a fog with their minds being overwhelmed by their electronics, lack of understanding of their “enemy” , their jobs, children, significant others, financial situations and simple complacency.

Together let’s change that!

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